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jewelry creation process…
Today I stamped. This isn’t my thing per say, but I made some cute stuff for the Union Square Holiday Market. Opens in a month…
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The Good Wife

Over the last 2 years the character Kalinda (Archie Punjabi) has been wearing Vanessa Amalia’s horseshoe necklace in EVERY episode. Here are some images of her modeling the necklace. She does a great job and is our favorite character.

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Diamond District

Welcome to the Diamond District - 47th Street defines what I love about Manhattan: an overlapping jumble of people, the all-powerful Orthodox Jews, to Indians, Armenians, Russians and Chinese all interacting and cohabiting one city block. It’s a dirty, fast-paced, disorganized place. Family-owned shops and restaurants are unlabeled on second and third floors of buildings, and shady business is everywhere - money laundering, health code violations, heists and hijacks, gender discrimination, and various other things you know you shouldn’t be seeing:

If you walk through now you’ll see people appraising and selling jewelry, couples shopping for engagement rings, and jewelers running around, ignoring the hagglers that try to pull us into their stores, aiming straight for the things we need: stones, supplies, and our casters.

My castor is Albert, on the left, a Son of Mike & Sons – I give him my molds, he gives me my unfinished metal. His dad, Mike of Mike & Sons, is yarmulke’d dude at right.

That NYTimes city critic Ariel Kaminer called it an “unglamorous business”, and maybe it is - but it’s still a powerful place. It’s one of the five global hubs of the diamond industry (others are Antwerp, London, Johannesburg, and Mumbai), so 90% of all US diamond imports come through 47th. And a single day’s trade in the District rounds out at about $400 million.

Also, they dress it up for Christmas… even tho most of the people on 47th street are jewish. 

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